Through the role of the School Games Organiser (SGO), Harrogate School Sports Partnership has a responsibility to support none partner schools as the SGO position is funded by government, the core tasks of the SGO are:

  1. Participation: Drive participation in School Games competition and increase the number of young people taking part in competition.
  2. Competition for All: Develop competitive opportunities for all, including the least active. 
  3. Clubs: Increase regular participation in club sport; involve the least active through Change 4 Life Sports Clubs and increase links to local clubs. 
  4. Workforce: Broaden participation opportunities through volunteering and workforce roles 

Harrogate School Sports Partnership support to none partner schools:

Participation and Competition support: Harrogate School Sport Partnership organise and run a full calendar of school sport events at area Level 2 cluster events and Level 2 open and finals (Inter School) for Primary, Secondary and Special Schools within the Knaresborough, Nidderdale, Ripon and HArrogate area. Many of these are competitive and feed into the Level 3 (County Finals) events, whilst also offering an array of non-competitive participation festivals for young people to experience new and innovative sports as well as getting the opportunity to represent their school at more traditional activities.

The competitions your school is able to access through the School Games funded programme are:

SportDateAreaEventTimeVenueRulesEntry FormRisk Assessment
Football10/10/2017OpenGirls Football Year 5/63.45pm-5.45pmRossett High SchoolFootball Year 5-6 Girls RulesRegistration formYr 5.6 Girls Football Rossett 2017-18
Football17/10/2017OpenGirls Football Year 5/62.00pm-4.00pmSt Aidan's HIgh SchoolFootball Year 5-6 Girls RulesRegistration formYr 5.6 Girls Football St Aidans's 2017-18
Football13/11/2017Partnernship finalsGirls Football Year 5/63.45pm-5.45pmSt John Fisher High SchoolFootball Year 5-6 Girls Rules
InvitedYr 5.6 Boys & Girls Football FINAL Rossett 2017-18
Rugby19/02/2018HarrogateMEGA FEST Rugby3.00pm-5.00pmHarrogate Rugby ClubRugby Mega Fest Rules 2017-18Registration formYr 5.6 Mega Fest Rugby H'gate RC 2017-18
Golf30/04/2018HarrogateTri Golf Year 3/43.45pm-6.00pmHarrogate Golf ClubYr 3.4 Tri Golf Rules 17-18Registration formYr 3.4 Tri Golf Harrogate GC 2017-18
Golf10/05/2018Partnership finalsTri Golf Year 3/43.45pm-6.00pmHarrogate Golf ClubYr 3.4 Tri Golf Rules 17-18InvitedYr 3.4 Tri Golf FINAL Harrogate GC 2017-18
Athletics22/05/2018OpenQuadkids Athletics Year 3/42.30pm-5.30pmSt Aidan's High SchoolQuadkids Rules 2017-18Registration formYr Quadkids St Aidans 2017-18
Cricket6/06/2017HarrogateKwik Cricket Year 5/69.00am-4.00pmKnaresborough Cricket ClubKwik Cricket Year 5-6 Rules 17-18Registration formYr 5.6 Kwik Cricket K'boro CC 2017-18
Cricket14/06/2018Partnership finalsKwik Cricket Year 5/61.00pm-5.30pmHarrogate Cricket ClubKwik Cricket Year 5-6 Rules 17-18InvitedYr 5.6 Kwik Cricket FINAL Harrogate CC 2017-18
Change4Life Club support: Harrogate School Sport Partnership organise and run a full development programme to support schools increasing activity level through Change4Life activities such as clubs, festivals, Champions training for year 5/6 pupils and deliverers training aimed to increase participation to the least active children.

The Change4LIfe support your school can access to help you develop a healthy school club is identified below:

Change4Life Primary Workshops

Change4Life Deliverers  training is aimed at any adult supporting the delivery of a Primary Change4Life Club, please use the link below to apply for the workshop.

Course titleDateTimeVenueLink to application
Change4Life Deliverers Workshop3.30pm - 6.30pm

Change4Life Champions training is aimed at any Year 5/6 pupil supporting the delivery of their schools Change4Life Club, please use the link below to apply to become a Change4Life Champion and attend the days training.

Course titleDateTimeVenueLink to registration form
Change4Life Year 5/6 Champions CourseWednesday 25th October10.00pm - 3.00pmHarrogate High SchoolRegistration form
School Games Mark is awarded annually to each school, the application process is open from June through to September, please follow this link below to view a School Games Mark progress form that will help you understand what you are required to do for your school to apply and help you identify where you require support, again the School Games Organiser can support you with this application.

Primary School Games Progress 2017-18