Harrogate School Sports Partnership Mission Statement

The ideas of good sportsmanship and respect should permeate throughout all competitive and recreational sport. They are displayed by someone who abides by the rules, respects their opponents and accepts victory and defeat graciously.

Please follow the following two links to ensure

Harrogate School Sport Partnership Competition Safeguarding Policy 

Harrogate School Sport Partnership Spectator Code of Conduct

Fair play may be witnessed in all aspects of life but sport provides the ideal environment to grow and develop these values and promote high behavioural standards.

Key points

  1. Enjoy yourself and promote enjoyment for others
  2. Be responsible for your actions
  3. Take pride in your performance and your schools
  4. Encourage others to do or be their best
  5. Be a good role model
  6. Enjoy participating, remember it is a privilege to participate
  7. Practice sportsmanship in all situations

Expectations for Participants

  • Treat competition as a game, not war!
  • Accept all decisions by officials
  • Recognise outstanding performances by opponents
  • Demonstrate concern for an injured player, regardless of team
  • Encourage supporting people to display only sportsmanlike conduct
  • Shake hands with the officials and fellow participants at the end of each game, regardless of outcome
  • Applaud at the end of each game for performances of all participants.

Fair Play Charter

For Participants  I will:

  • Enjoy competing
  • Do my best
  • Play by the rules
  • Accept all decisions of the officials
  • Be a good Competitor

For Coaches / Teachers   I will:

  • Teach my players to play by the rules and to value their performance not the result
  • Be generous with praise and positive when offering feedback
  • Not tolerate vio;ent play or cheating
  • Promote fair play
  • Show respect for opponents, and for the officials and their decisions


Expectations for Parents, Peers and Supporters

  • Attendance at a game is a privilege Respect decisions made by officials
  • Be a good role model by positively supporting teams in every manner possible
  • Become aware of the competition and rules to keep winning in its proper place
  • Respect spectators, coaches / teachers and participants
  • Be a fan not a fanatic
  • Recognise all performances on either side of the playing field

Unacceptable behaviour

  • Negative gestures or comments towards opponents
  • Criticising officials in any way: displays of anger with an officials decision
  • Refusing to shake hands or to give recognition for good performances
  • Blaming loss of a game on officials, coaches / teachers or participants