Please find below the Harrogate School Sports Partnership Package for 2018 - 2019 academic year, you can print a copy of by clicking on Harrogate School Sports Partnership 2018-2019 Package.

Harrogate School Sports Partnership 2018-2019 Package

Harrogate School Sports Partnership Package 2018-19

Harrogate School Sports Partnership - ensuring a sporting legacy from London 2012
The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games sets off a decade of world class sport being hosted in the UK. Lord Coe’s vision, in securing the Games for London, was to use this opportunity to inspire the next generation of young people to take up sport. This sporting journey starts in school and we, as school leaders, have the responsibility to ensure that the opportunity is seized and that we maintain our position as world leaders in school sport.

Harrogate School Sports Partnership has a system capable of delivering a meaningful legacy and creating long lasting sporting opportunities for young people.

Harrogate School Sports Partnerships covers all primary, special, PRU, secondary and Independent schools within Harrogate SSP. The Partnership also has a membership scheme where schools have contributed to the partnership and will therefore access additional resources (Outlined in appendix 1 and 2).

The Partnership Development Manager and Competition and Events Officer work closely with the Secondary Schools to co-ordinate a Harrogate wide plan driven from the needs of the young people within your schools from the local areas. They will liaise and work with key agencies which will complement the identified priorities and bring added value to increase participation in Physical Activity, PE and School Sport while raising school’s involvement in Chamge4Life and School Games. They will ensure the views of the schools are put forward to external agencies as well as providing feedback to schools from meetings.

Harrogate School Sports Partnership provides a unique base on which to grow because:
• it embraces every school – ensuring the inclusion of every young person.
• it is managed directly by schools – ensuring that local needs are met and that the greatest benefit is felt by pupils;
• it creates an efficient and effective mechanism to share resources – maximising the strengths of individual schools and sharing these strengths with others to the advantage of all pupils;
• it delivers clear educational benefits in addition to increasing the amount and quality of Physical activity, PE and school sport participation.

The true test of the 2012 legacy will be our ability to build on and grow the system to ensure that it provides every young person with access to world class school sport. To achieve this we must:
• sustain the investment for Harrogate School Sports Partnership – this is the only way to ensure that every school creates opportunities and that consistency of delivery is available for young people of all ages and abilities, and particularly those that are under-represented and at the margins of our society;
• lever additional investment into physical activity and school sport from corporate partners and voluntary sector providers.
• continue to demonstrate the power of sport in driving school improvement and contributing to a better society. An active involvement in sport has been proven to drive attainment, improve behaviour, contribute to school ethos and ensure more young people achieve;
• a grass roots partnership with a “bottom up” system which will deliver legacy for all more efficiently and effectively.
Harrogate School Sports Partnerships guarantee for young people.
• Collaboration. Ensuring a genuine legacy from 2012 means a school sport offer for young people that is varied, features a broad range of sports and a range of different delivery styles. To ensure efficient local implementation of these wide ranging opportunities collaboration between schools is essential to both share and maximise resources. Harrogate School Sport Partnership will continue to provide a mechanism for this.

• Consistency. To ensure that school sport reaches every young person, and especially those at the margins of society, Harrogate School Sports Partnership will ensure consistency of opportunities and ensure that provision is accessible to young people of all ages and abilities.

• Communication. Harrogate School Sports Partnership will work with a wide range of agencies and organisations eager to support delivery of school sport to meet the needs of young people. Harrogate School Sports Partnership will act as a point of contact with agencies to communicate with, therefore reducing the burden for schools and enables an effective interaction between schools and suppliers of services to drive the family priorities forward.

• Creativity. Harrogate School Sports Partnership will provide the opportunity to share problems, work together to create innovative solutions and spread best practice rapidly and efficiently throughout the schools in Harrogate School Sports Partnership.

• Expertise. There is a significant amount of specialist expertise in schools. It will be critical to ensure that this local expertise is utilised to enable more schools and young people to benefit.

• Efficiency. Harrogate School Sports Partnership will enable further savings to be made through creative solutions that extend and enhance opportunities for all young people. For example, the continued expansion and co-ordination of the equipment loan.

• Competition. Harrogate School Sports Partnership will co-ordinate a programme of competitive sport between schools and the development of a structured pathway for young people to reach their own potential. Level 1 – Intra, Level 2 – Inter (at cluster level and Harrogate wide level) and Level 3 – county level. Harrogate School Sports Partnership offers a framework for competition at every level with expertise being available to advocate and manage competition calendar.

• Civic pride. The collective responsibility accepted by a group of schools working collaboratively to develop sport for young people can create a renewed sense of civic pride, in school leaders, young leaders and in the wider community. Harrogate School Sports Partnership with it inclusivity with all schools being involved and all playing a role can contribute significantly to this.

• Social responsibility. Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon and Nidderdale working as a collective group of schools can lead to greater integration between students and will ensure greater understanding between schools. Harrogate School Sports Partnership work undertaken by young sports leaders – working in and with other schools and collaborating to establish borough wide provision run by young people for young people.

• Workforce development. Harrogate School Sports Partnership will engage and support development of teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and young people. Co-ordinate access to specialist coaches, training to aid the delivery of a range of lunchtime, after school programmes.

Harrogate School Sports Partnership Membership 2018-19
Harrogate School Sports Partnership membership supports all schools to develop their PE and school sport. The full membership which offers additional support for schools to access support and guidance. The benefits are identified below:

Membership types and benefits at a glance
Partnership Development Manager will support funding applications to enhance the quality of PE and School Sport.
Harrogate School Sports Partnership will co-ordinate the sharing of additional specialist equipment and resources through an equipment loan scheme e.g. Archery, Quicksticks hockey, Tri Golf, Orienteering, etc as available and appropriate.
PE ? Sport and Physical Activity news alerts / Round up of PE and sports news / offers
Lead or support schools application and development plans  linked to pupil & sport premium
Any new resources to develop PE and School Sport (Full members will have access to these resources first)  
Workforce Development  
Access to 3 area Physical Education and Physical Activity Lead meetings
Co-ordination of meetings which members will be able to access, in order to share good practice and initiatives in PE and school sport with other schools.  These meetings will provide an opportunity for school staff to keep updated on the wider picture of PE and school sport.
Development of the school workforce i.e teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, volunteers and particularly young leaders   required to activate the School Games at all levels
Access to a continuing professional development courses for PE Subject Leaders & key practitioners
Scholarship programme to engage parents to become qualified coaches to develop coaching out of school activities linked to School Games Competitions
Your talented young leaders will have access to the Harrogate Leadership Academy and receive all relevant information regarding training and leadership opportunities.
Members of the above Leadership Academy will receive access to ten sports specific Leadership courses to support them to deliver Level 1 Competitions back in your school.
Your media student will have access to the Harrogate Media Leadership Academy programme which includes photography, radio, reporting and social media work.
Out of School Hours
Quality coaches delivering in your school to support development through work the Partnership is doing with Governing Bodies and local clubs
Harrogate School Sports Partnership will provide through their Primary Leadership Academy the development of the young leaders for the Change4Life Out of School Hour Programme.
Additional resources for Sports club development on your school site
Support in developing your school heat maps to support you with the 30 - 30 of Physical Activity and developing an action plan to move toward enabling all young people to access 30 - 30
Your schools involvement in Change4Life primary sports clubs allowing progress into L1 &L2 of the School Games (Full members will have access to these resources first)
School to Club links
Harrogate School Sports Partnership will link with community sports and physical activity providers to ensure that they liaise with schools to access quality coaching, progress to higher level competition and create pathways for young people to move into community clubs (Full members will have access to these resources first)
Your school will have up to date information regarding these clubs and providers.
Gifted and Talented
Your school will have support to identify students through a Gifted and Talented identification programme.
Harrogate School Sports Partnership will provide extended opportunities for selected young people who are talented in sport through their Gifted and Talented Programme.
Four tailored sessions during holiday periods to develop your Gifted and Talented pupils
Involved in an Education Awards Programme – showcasing the best of Harrogate
Your schools young disabled people will have both inclusive and targeted opportunities to access the school games, including the staging of a specific “Paralympic themed” events through Ability Days.
Your school will have access to a co-ordinated calendar of events in Harrogate, linked into the National Governing Body Calendars
Your schools involvement in the School Games. This involves 4 levels – intra-school competition, regular inter-school competition between schools at a local and partnership level, annual county / sub-regional culmination of inter-school competition and national multi-sport residential event.
Change4Life festivals linked to Year 3 / 4 pupils
Membership & accreditations
Access to the Quality Mark Award
Qualitymark application process free of charge

Physical Activity 30 minute a day monitoring and evaluation support / system

HQ Physical Education
Physical Education subject Lead - Develop potential leaders in the subject and profession at primary level Primary PE Subject Coordinator Training                   

Being an effective leader of PE, healthy active lifestyles and school sport

Teaching and learning 

Curriculum provision and assessment 

School sport and healthy active lifestyles 

Achievement of young people 

Whole school impact 

Sharing examples of good Practise

Leading outstanding teaching and learning in PE across the school - A session that will help you to effectively lead and manage the development of high quality outstanding teaching and learning within PE and across the school

USING PE TO RAISE ACHIEVEMENT - Develop the strategies for embedding high quality PE and sport within the primary school and as a tool for whole school improvement

KS1 and KS2 PE Training - Using PE and sport to raise achievement (English)

Sessions that uses the context of PE and sport alongside practical learning approaches to support the teaching of English across the school

KS1 and KS2 PE Training - Using PE and sport to raise achievement (Maths)

A practical course that uses the context of PE and sport alongside practical learning approaches to support the teaching of Maths across the school

Physical Activity 30 minutes a day support

KS1/KS2 PE Training               From physically literate to physically educated

Practical session that will help you plan and deliver an effective lower KS2 curriculum (Years 3 and 4), bridging the gap between a physical literacy approach at EYFS and KS1 and a sport specific approach in Years 5 and 6

Links and reduction in cost with key providers to support raising standards:

Create Development - Real PE Scheme of Work

Maths of the Day


HQ PE Co-ordinator Membership Services
Time allocation
Sport Specific Workshops – Teachers & AOTTs
Courses will support delivery in curriculum and support the development of pupils for School Games Competitions.
Archery Arrow session Twilight
Athletics Infant Agility KS 1 Course 1/2 day
Athletics Primary Sportshall athletics Course 1/2 day
Elevating Athletics CoursePrimary Schools tennis workshop 1/2 day1 day
Change4Life Deliver training 3 X Twilight
Cycling Teachers Level 1 Course 1 day
Gymnastics workshop 1/2 day
Tri Golf Activators workshop 1/2 day
Tag Rugby Primary Teachers Twilight
Quicksticks Hockey Teacher Training workshop Twilight
Netball High 5 teacher training workshop Twilight
Orienteering Teacher Part 1 workshop Twilight
Para Sport training – Boccia, Goalball, Sitting Volleyball & Table Cricket TwiLight
Whole School training or cluster Co-ordinated training  
Activate training (training free – would need to pay for the resources) twilight
Midday Assistants training (training free – would need to pay for resources) 2 hour course
Co-ordinate Lunchtime activity timetable 1 session
 Additional sports specific workshops will be offered from a needs lead approach
Reporting back on impact  
Localised ongoing support for Kitemark Twilight
Localised ongoing support from Qualitymark Twilight
Qualitymark application process free
Leaders Support  
School Sports Crew Training Young Leaders course – Year 5 - 6 2 hours2 hours
Playmakers course 5 /6 hours
Support to Young Leaders in developing Level 1 Competition (Intra) 7 days
Training secondary school students to officiate the local competitions Termly
Local Area support  
Local area cluster planning & network meetings 3 twilights
Co-ordination on cluster both School Games and additional competition linking from PE Local programme
Guidance on National Governing Bodies templates
Bespoke Governors workshop Twilight