Cross Country School Games Level 2 Competition 

Harrogate School Sports Partnership held a very successful Cross Country School Games Level 2 Competition on Saturday 7th October 2017 with over 360 young people taking part from schools across the Harrogate School Sports Partnership area:

The tables below shows all the finishers, the top 8 in each of the races received a letter at the event inviting them to the North Yorkshire Level 3 School Games event, congratulations to them and all the runners.

Girls Year 3 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Serena R43Willow Tree
2Lily S28St Mary's
3Helena S16St Mary's
4Kacey R24St Mary's
5Erin B13Western
6Grace M15Bishop Monkton
7Martha K32Oatland Juniors
8Ella C11Bishop Monkton
9Mia C36Birstwith
10Jessica D22St Cuthbert's
11Natasha B37Saltergate Juniors
12Katia K25Willow Tree
13Petra V95Fountains Earth
14Annabel W4Oatland Juniors
15Tilly M48Richard Taylor
16Ava S6Pannal
17Sophie E45Sicklinghall
18Holly F17St Joseph's
19Lucy T30Pannal
20Orla M41St Robert's
21Chloe B9Richard Taylor
22Mia H34St Robert's
23Ava T7Willow Tree
24Skkye-Mia P44Kettlesing
25Jessica L23Birstwith
26Hope B18Willow Tree
27Yasmin S49Western
28Maisie B31Western
29Mia H 35Darley
30Anisha K3Oatland Juniors
31Isabella K19Markington
32Anushka H5Willow Tree
33Lily R27Pannal
34Sophie B46Pannal
35Matilda P33Rossett Acre
36Elizabeth D10Pannal
37Emily S12St Robert's
38Olivia S40St Peter's
39Niah R38St Joseph's
40Niamh B39St Joseph's
41Isobel B21Willow Tree

Boys Year 3 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Charles B53North Rigton
2Max F81Pannal
3William M94Pannal
4William T93Birstwith
5Harry C65Oatand Juniors
6Marco B80St Joseph's
7Scott K88Pannal
8George E63Rossett Acre
9Garbriel R62Rossett Acre
10James B71St Peter's
11Benjamin R52Killinghall
12Lewis C77Willow Tree
13Freddie D59Scotton Lingerfield
14Joe D73St Joseph's
15Cruz C55Oatland Juniors
16Ethan S57St Joseph's
17Harry W64Kettlesing
18Peter M85Follifoot
19Henry D68Pannal
20Wilfred B91Pannal
21Freddie R61Goldsborough
22Alex F51St Robert's
23Aidan W50Pannal
24Tyler A90Willow Tree
25Joshua W76Saltergate Junior
26Henry G67Birstwith
27Reuben K87St Joseph's
28Daniel C56St Peter's
29Joseph D74St Robert's
30Louis N78Oatlands Junior
31Charlie W54St Robert's
32William W92St Robert's
33Ewan A58Follifoot
34Harvey P66Pannal
35Reuben S86Willow Tree
36Max B82Markington
37James P72Pannal
38Owen W84Willow Tree

Girls Year 4 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Lucy E122Richard Taylor
2Jessica S118Goldsborough
3Izzy D117Pannal
4Georgia M112Oatland Juniors
5Zoe S133Western
6Sophie M132Aspin Park
7Sofiah C130Ripley
8Lucy F121Scotton Lingerfield
9Francesca I111Western
10Iona C116Richard Taylor
11Evie C108Killinghall
12Daisy O103St Mary's
13Amelia B2Aspin Park
14Olivia R127Darley
15Emma C105Richard Taylor
16Sarah T129All Saints
17India B115Rossett Acre
18Ruth H128Saltergate Juniors
19Sofie G131Aspin Park
20Elsie S104All Saints
21Evie D109Pannal
22Lily H120Goldsborough
23Maisie A123Ripley
24Alice T100Richard Taylor
25Grace W113Kettlesing
26Chloe E102Saltergate Juniors
27Millie K125Spofforth
28Julia G119St Joseph's
29Olivia C126Aspin Park
30Francesca K110Richard Taylor
31Megan L124Aspin Park
32Emma L106Pannal
33Isla P20Willow Tree

Boys Year 4 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Harry G162St Peter's
2Alfie C142Pannal
3Daniel H150St Peter's
4Robert M188Birstwith
5Zac W195Scotton Lingerfild
6Ted C192Oatland Juniors
7Louie P179St Mary's
8Evan B154Saltergate Juniors
9Joseph K174Oatland Juniors
10Joshua K175Aspin Park
11Jakub H168Darley
12Nicholas B181St Joseph's
13George L158Dacre Braithwaite
14Noah S183Bishop Monkton
15Joe D170Aspin Park
16Harry S163Dacre Braithwaite
17Harry S160Richard Taylor
18Oliver G83Aspin Park
19Harry S161St Robert's
20Hugo E165St John's
21Alex G141Pannal
22Louis D180Goldsborough
23Daniel O149St John's
24Oliver L184Aspin Park
25Sam M190St Mary's
26Seth K191Oatland Juniors
27Freddie B156Willow Tree
28Archie S143Scotton Lingerfield
29Oliver D185Western
30Dylan T151Pannal
31Harrison M159Richard Taylor
32Kristian S176Richard Taylor
33Joe C169Aspin Park
34Sage K189Glasshouses
35Ollie D186Pannal
36Freddie B60Saltergate Juniors
37Colm C147St Roberrt's
38Liam S177Willow Tree
39Jacob H167St Joseph's
40Ethan R153St Joseph's
41Joseph B171Oatland Juniors
42Joseph I173Oatland Juniors
43Finn C155St John's
44Arthur P144Birstwith
45Thomas S89St Robert's
46Alfie S1Pannal
47Banes W145Richard Taylor
48Alex M140Aspin Park
49Edward T152Richard Taylor
50Benjamin H146St Robert's
51Louie R178Aspin Park
52Thomas J193Goldsborough
53Noah K182Starbeck
54Jake A70Willow Tree
55Connor K148Willow Tree
56George A157Richard Taylor
57Tyler B194Saltergate Juniors

Girls Year 5 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Elena D205North Rigton
2Holly F211Pannal
3Grace B210Oatland Juniors
4Pips W232Killinghall
5Rosie C234Rossett Acre
6Niamh R230Kettlesing
7Isabelle C215Pannal
8Jessica W217Birstwith
9Lily D222St Joseph's
10Kathryn H220St Peter's
11Imogen H212St Peter's
12Jaden R216St Mary's
13Grace N209North Rigton
14Emily S208St Robert's
15Eleanor D204St Cuthbert's
16Isabella R214St Mary's
17Maddison G224St John's
18Willow P238St Mary's
19Thea E235St Robert's
20Jessica B218Saltergate Juniors
21Mae B225Rossett Acre
22Annabelle A202Riply
23Daisy G203Willow Tree
24Vicky G236St Robert's
25Maia M226St John's
26Liliana W221St John's
27Alexa F201Oatland Juniors

Boys Year 5 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Caleb A247Westeern
2Miiles T278Rossett Acre
3Alex P200Western
4Nathaniel E280Pannal
5Bertie W246North Rigton
6Benjamin M245St John's
7Jamie S269Pannal
8Ethan T255Killinghall
9Finley T257Pannal
10Lewis J273Western
11Gabriel S259Western
12Lennon G272Burton Leonard
13George R260Markington
14Thomas P289Richard Taylor
15James O268Rossett Acre
16William K237St Mary's
17Edward E253Oatland Juniors
18Ralph W282Pannal
19Adam S240Western
20James N267Oatland Juniors
21Morgan H279Markington
22Mattew O276St John's
23Harry H262Richard Taylor
24Finlay R256St Robert's
25Alex W242Western
26Hayden W265Richard Taylor
27Ryan S286Starbeck
28Oliver U281St Robert's
29Charlie D250Western
30Fraser B258Pannal
31Cameron M249Rossett Acre
32Gregory M261Rossett Acre
33Theo S287Fountains
34Mason B275Sharow
35Daniel C252St John's
36Jim C271St Joseph's
37Thomas B288Oatland Juniors
38Harry M263St John's
39William S291St Cuthbert's
40Jon C219St Joseph's
41Cormac C251St Robert's
42Robbie D283St Robert's
43Angus B243St Joseph's
44Aretas R244Starbeck
45Elliot G254Starbeck
46Alex P241Starbeck

Girls Year 6 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Rebecca H328Fountains
2Anna T304St Mary's
3Gabrielle W311Grewelthorpe
4Sophie M330Birstwith
5Georgia L312Rossett Acre
6Emma T309Oatland Juniors
7Honor W313Richard Taylor
8Martha R325Birstwith
9Amelia C301Willow Tree
10Edie D308Rossett Acre
11Madeline J324St Mary's
12Katherine J322St Mary's
13Sophie E332Pannal
14Amelie W302Western
15Rosie J329Aspin Park
16Kate W321St Mary's
17Sophie B331St Peter's
18Isabelle P315Birstwith
19Isla T316Pannal
20Imogen C314Western
21Phoebe M327Western
22Kady E320Aspin Park
23Charlotte W307St Robert's
24Amari I300Birstwith
25Zoe N334Dacre Braithwaite
26Fern H310Dacre Braithwaite
27Lucy C323Starbeck
Came 4thElizabeth W
Year 5
206Bishop Monkton
Came 28th Emily S
Year 5

Boys Year 6 X Country Race Results 2017

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Johannes S318St Mary's
2Murray B376Willow Tree
3James S370Rossett Acre
4Charlie D355North Rigton
5Denholm E356St John's
6George A359St Robert's
7Henry N362Oatland Juniors
8William T382St Robert's
9Jack M365Willow Tree
10Joshua B371Saltergate Juniors
11Gus S383Western
12Finlay M357Oatland Junior
13Matthew E374Pannal
14Jack B366Oatland Junior
15Jacob F367St Cuthbert's
16Andrew T353St Robert's
17Oscar F379Oatland Junior
18Henry S363Dacre Braithwaite
19Harry L361Dacre Braithwaite
20Oliver K378Markington
21Freddie H358St Mary's
22James B369North Rigton
23Angus A354Western
24Alexander L351St Robert's
25Henry K364St Robert's
26James P368Starbeck
27Lucas G372Starbeck