Cross Country School Games Level 2 Competition 

Harrogate School Sports Partnership held a very successful Cross Country School Games Level 2 Competition on Saturday 6th October 2018 with over 300 young people taking part from schools across the Harrogate School Sports Partnership area:

The tables below shows all the finishers, the top 8 in each of the races received a letter at the event inviting them to the North Yorkshire Level 3 event, congratulations to them and all the runners.

Girls Year 3 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Megan G722Pannal
2Freya M713All Saints
3April D705St Robert's
4Lilly H721St Joseph's
5Tabitha L734Killinghall
6Elizabeth C708St Robert's
7Amelie K704Markington
8Olivia W728Birstwith
9Elsa S709Rossett Acre
10Eleonora A707Woodfield
11Molly M725Belmont Grosvenor
12Sophia W732Willow Tree
13Juno R717Western
14Hannah S714Pannal
15Amelia O702Richard Taylor
16Emilia S710Rivhard Taylor
17Nicole P726St Robert's
18Preeti C729Oatland Juniors
19Alice W701At Robert's
20Lara P719western
21Teresa K735Belmont Grosvenor
22Daisy S706Pannal
23Scarlett R730Birstwith
24Anelia D703Pannal
25Evie H712Pannal
26Millie J723St Mary's
27Noula-Mae W727St Mary's
28Libbie M720St Mary's
29Isabelle W716St Mary's
30Eva S711Saltergate

Boys Year 3 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Ben D744Pannal
2Jack S765St Mary's
3James B767Scotton Lingerfield
4Benson F745St Peter's
5Brodie W748Saltergate Junior
6James B769Richard Taylor
7Daniel T751Pannal
8Aidan R747Woodfield
9Oscar P776Scotton Lingerfield
10William S793Pannal
11Jamie H770Pannal
12Harry F762Scotton Lingerfield
13Tommy W789Willow Tree
14William M792St Peter's
15Sebastian M784Goldsborough
16Luca E773Belmont Grosvenor
17Harvey P763Woodfieild
18Joshua F772Kirkby Malzeard
19Jaden B766St Mary's
20Ryan D781Oatland Juniors
21Bevan I746Pannal
22HArry J760Killinghall
23Theo W785Scotton Lingerfield
24Ewan R754Oatland Juniors
25Barney C743Oatland Juniors
26Elijah D794Willow Tree
27Isaac C764Killinghall
28Noah R774Kettlesing
29Theodore A786Willow Tree
30Tomas N788North Rigton
31Freddie P756Willow Tree
32Sam L782Pannal
33Archie D742St Mary's
34Tom G787St Robert's
35Samuel H783St Mary's
36Conor M750St Mary's
37Felix S755Rossett Acre
38William B791Pannal
39Jayden M771Richard Taylor
40Harry I759Killinghall
41Alfie N741Killinghall
42Owen D777Starbeck
43Ollie S775Killinghall
44Callum M749Bishop Monkton
45George C757St Joseph's
46Ruben H780Killinghall

Girls Year 4 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1India M817Oatland Juniors
2Martha K831Oatland Juniros
3Iona M819Oatland Juniors
4Helena S814St Mary's
5Lily S824St MAry's
6Lottie K826Belmont Grsvenor
7Jessica D820St Cuthbert's
8Alice T800Pannal
9Mia C832Birstwith
10Erin B811Western
11Imogen C816Starbeck
12Eleanor E807Saltegate Juniors
13Chloe A805Willow Tree
14Chloe S806Starbeck
15Orla M835St Robert's
16Lucy T828Pannal
17Maisie B830Western
18Elyza S809Saltergate Juniors
19Kacey R821St Mary's
20Holly F815St Joseph's
21Lucy S827Richard Taylor
22Macey P829Markington
23Esme M812Birstwith
24Chloe B804Richard Taylor
25Iona W818St Robert's
26Sophia C837St Mary's
27Niah R834St Joseph's
28Lilian S822Birstwith
29Harriet J715Saltergate Juniors
30Mollie T724Scotton Lingerfield
31Tallula M839Starbeck
32Emily S810St Robert's
33Farah M813St Robert's

Boys Year 4 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Max F878Pannal
2Jacob H864Richard Taylor
3William M891Pannal
4Charlie B854North Rigton
5William T790Birstwith
6Joshua T873Pannal
7Finn D856Aspin Park
8William C890Pannal
9Tom J887Kirkby Malzeard
10George C859St Mary's
11Thomas M886St Peter's
12Marco B876St Joseph's
13James B869St Peter's
14Gabriel R857Rossett Acre
15George E858Rossett Acre
16Amin O848Saltergate Juniors
17Zachary C892Pannal
18Harry W860Kettlesing
19Richard W883Aspin Park
20Max C877Rossett Acre
21Jake W866Kettlesing
22Callum J852Aspin Park
23Harry B862Pannal
24Benjamin R850Killinghall
25Jakob K868Richard Taylor
26Cameron B853Willow Tree
27Joshua S874Richard Taylor
28Patrick K880Belmont Grosvenor
29Jake R867Aspin Park
30Henry H863Pannal
31Harry W758Pannal
32Alfie P847Aspin Park
33Reuben K882St Joseph's
34Brandon W851Saltergate Juniors
35Adam O845St Mary's
36Alexander W846Aspin Park
37William S888Killinghall
38Noah V879Killinghall
39Benjamin C849Aspin Park
40Jacob L865Willow Tree
41Daniel C855St Joseph's
42Joel B871Western

Girls Year 5 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Lucy E924Richard Taylor
2Lucy F923Scotton Lingerfield
3Jessica S920Goldsborough
4Rosie H928Belmont Grosvenor
5Izzy D916Pannal
6Edith S903Belmont Grosvenor
7Freya D910Western
8Annabel I902North Rigton
9Jessica K917Birstwith
10Eve D907Kettlesing
11Holly C913Killinghall
12Alice W900Willow Tree
13Freya R909Oatland Juniors
14Jessica D918St Peter's
15Iona C914Richard Taylor
16Zainab O930Saltergate Juniors
17Isabel K915Belmont Grosvenor
18Maisie A925Ripley
19Grace W912Kettlesing
20Lottie H922North Rigton
21Emma C906St Robert's
22Sophie C929Willow Tree
23Amalie W901St Mary's
24Milly T833BIrstwith
25Mariah S926St Mary's
26Leyla D921Starbeck
27Francesca K908Richard Taylor
28Emily M904St Robert's
29Olivia S927Starbeck
30Emily A905Starbeck

Boys Year 5 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Harry G946St Peter's
2Daniel H942St Peter's
3Rhys R969Grewelthorpe
4Zac W976Scotton Lingerfield
5Ted C973Oatland Juniors
6Alfie S936Pannal
7Joshua K959Aspin Park
8Charlie J940Western
9Thomas R974Birstwith
10Nicholas B965St Joseph's
11Hugo E947St John's
12James D955Pannal
13Alfie P937Scotton Lingerfield
14Joseph K958Oatland Juniors
15Jacob B953Pannal
16Harry S945Pannal
17Freddie B944Willow Tree
18Jack B951St Peter's
19Louis D962Goldsborough
20Jack B952Richard Taylor
21James C954Richard Taylor
22Liam S961Willow Tree
23Riley N970Aspin Park
24Ieuan P949St Cuthbert's
25Joshua M960Pannal
26Seth K972Oatland Juniors
27Jack L950Richard Taylor
28Ethan R943St Joseph's
29Mathew B963Starbeck
30Thomas S975St Robert's
31Joshua B957St Joseph's
32Miles H964Woodfield
33Rafi A968Western
34Abdullah I935Aspin Park
35Noah K966Starbeck
36Jas L956Willow Tree
37Noah E967Willow Tree

Girls Year 6 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Olivia B996Belmont Grosvenor
2Libby A992Grewelthorpe
3Grace B989Oatland Juniors
4Felicity M985Pannal
5Niamh R994Kettlesing
6Niamh O995Willow Tree
7Pips W997Killinghall
8Saffron D998Bishop Monkton
9Eilidh O980Willow Tree
10Eva D984St Mary's
11Kathryn H991St Peter's
12Eleanor D981St Cuthbert's
13Swetha M999Pannal
14Megan H978Ricahrd Taylor
15Isabella W990Western
16Emily S983Starbeck
17Giorgia D979Richard Taylor

Boys Year 6 X Country Race Results 2018

PositionNameRunning numberSchool
1Caleb A266Western
2Miles T690Rossett Acre
3Jamie S278Pannal
4Jamie J687Killinhall
5Ethan T275Killinghall
6Max H688Goldsborough
7William K400St Mary's
8George R276Markington
9Sam W697Aspin Park
10Dante E274Belmont Grosvenor
11Brendan R264Woodfield
12Charlie P269Scotton Lingerfield
13Rowan B694Aspin Park
14Calvin B267Western
15Orrin G692Willow Tree
16Ryan S696Starbeck
17Cameron M268Rossett Acre
18Charlie S270Aspin Park
19Alexander P265Aspin Park
20Daniel M272Killinghall
21Daniel C273St John's
22Sean S698Western
23Robbie D693St Robert's