Harrogate School Sports Partnership are launching their 2017 -18 Gifted and Talented Multi-skill Academy programme in October half term for gifted and talented year 5 and 6 pupils from our partner schools. This year the program has changed slightly, whereby we have introduced a trials session before pupils are invited to attend the remaining 5 sessions. Pupils must also demonstrate both physical and positive attitude in taking responsibility for their own development in both classroom and practical sessions.

Our Gifted and Talented Multi-skill Academy will use a variety of approaches and contexts to help your pupils develop physical skills from a broad and appropriate development vocabulary. Five broad areas have been defined as the basis for this movement vocabulary. These are:

  • Coordination
  • Movement
  • Thinking
  • Body awareness
  • Health and Nutrition

While adhering to each of these core principles – coordination, movement, thinking, body awareness and health and nutrition – our coaches will look to deliver activities based around development of skills such as hand/eye coordination, strength, running, striking, balance, agility, power, kicking, jumping/leaping and catching.

Harrogate Multi-skills Primary Gifted and Talented Academy is designed to enhance and enrich the current provision in key stages 2, which will focus on achieving in the following areas:

  • the acquisition & mastery of generic skills that are transferable to all activities
  • understanding and benefits of activity, both physically and emotionally
  • support children to identify their future potential in their chosen sport
  • promote the importance of physical recovery and body nutrition to compete at full potential.

The Academy will be delivered as part of an in-school programme which will launch in September 2017 with nominations followed by trials being held on at Harrogate High School on 26th October. Pupils will then be invited to 5 Friday afternoon sessions held once per half term.

Multi-skills Primary Gifted and Talented Academy will form part of the Harrogate Performance Pathway for Young People which will help to bridge the gap to National Governing Bodies Player Pathways.

Please only nomination pupils that can meet/are close to achieving our base line assessment criteria.

  • Standing Long Jump (Girls 1.52m) (Boys 1.54m)
  • Chest Push (Girls 4.75m) (Boys 5.25m)
  • Speed Bounce 20 seconds (Girls 34 reps) (Boys 36 reps)
  • High Stepper (Girls 16.5 sec) (Boys 16.2 sec)
  • Balance test (Girls 32 sec) (Boys 34 sec)

This will be the basis of the process your pupils will experience at trials along with observational criteria that the coaches will  identify in each individual. Pupils who have been selected will then be invited to attend the Primary Gifted and Talented Academy.

Gifted & Talented Trials nomination link
If you are a partner school please click on the link below to submit the names of your Gifted and Talented pupils, they will then be invited to trials, before selection is made, for an extended Multi-skills Primary Gifted and Talented Academy programme

Nominations have closed for 2017/18

Gifted & Talented Trials Parental consent form
If you have received a letter about the Primary Gifted and Talented Trials  please click on the link below to submit the parental consent form for your child to attend the trials session held at Harrogate High School on 26th October.

Registration has now closed for the 2017/18 programme